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Innovative Technologies for Protecting Polar Bear Ice Dens

Innovative Technologies for Protecting Polar Bear Ice Dens

We’ve had weather at both ends of the thermometer this past year, which may lead us to wonder how a human can’t survive the outdoor cold for long, whereas polar bears live outdoors year-round.

They don’t build shelters, and they don’t live in houses, so how do they survive cold harsh climates? You may even be surprised to hear that polar bears can swim, and they can spend a greater part of their day on sea ice. For this reason, polar bears are in the marine animals class, being one of the few mammals to have this honour. These interesting animals have adapted over the years to survive in their own habitat, the Arctic region of our planet. Here are some interesting facts about these animals.

Innovative Technologies for Protecting Polar Bear Ice Dens

Under a new project, innovative technologies are being implemented to monitor and protect polar bear ice dens. This will enable more efficient tracking of changes in their habitat and taking necessary measures for the conservation of natural resources.

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