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The polar bear conservation effort evolves every day based on new scientific discoveries and new climate change developments. Make sure to stay current on polar bear news and updates!

Youth Engagement: Education Project on Polar Bears

An educational project has been launched, aiming to capture the attention of the youth regarding the conservation issues surrounding polar bears. Students are not only learning about the bears but also becoming active participants in their preservation.

Innovative Technologies for Protecting Polar Bear Ice Dens

Under a new project, innovative technologies are being implemented to monitor and protect polar bear ice dens. This will enable more efficient tracking of changes in their habitat and taking necessary measures for the conservation of natural resources.

International Expedition to Study Polar Bear Behavior

Global team of researchers is venturing into the Arctic study the behavior of polar bears. The expedition will provide valuable data crucial for the development of effective conservation strategies for this vital species.

New Stage of Rescue Polar Bears to Get a Protected Zone

In response to the looming threat of polar bear extinction, a decision has been made to establish a new protected zone in the Arctic. This initiative aims to provide a safe space for the bear population and preserve their unique habitat.

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