What is my donation going towards?

With your donation or purchase of our polar bear products, you will be helping researches and climate activists make progress in the conservation of polar bear survival. Polar bears have been on a population decline in recent years, and really need our help in order to make the raise in population that they desperately need.

Why is it important to save the polar bears?

The importance of keeping the polar bear population high is extremely important to the food web. Polar bears are an apex predator at the top of the food web. Polar bears are known as an umbrella species; meaning many organisms are connected to the polar bears through the food chain. For example, polar bears hunt and eat seals without polar bears being that predator, the seal population would increase, affecting the fish that the seals feed on, and this cycle continues all the way through the food chain.

Another reason as to why polar bears are important, is due to biodiversity. Each ecosystem needs biodiversity and would not run smoothly without it. Biodiversity means the number of different species. If one species were to be wiped out, it would affect the ecosystem as a whole, and continue to wipe out others.

What Can I Do To Help?

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