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This tour offers an experience of a lifetime observing polar bear cubs and their mothersin their natural environment.


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The Buggies program is a unique opportunity to go on an adventure using off-road buggies to explore exciting places and natural attractions. Master your driving techniques and go on exciting off-road adventures.

Previous Tour Itinerary

Day 1: Familiarization with driving techniques and safety training

During this part of the program, participants will receive comprehensive training in the basics of buggy driving. The program will begin with an introduction to the basic components of buggy technology, and then participants will gain practical driving skills in a variety of conditions. Specialists will provide detailed instructions on safety rules, including information on safety precautions when driving over rough terrain, behavior on descents and ascents, as well as actions in emergency situations.

Day 2: First adventures around the hotel

On this day, participants will embark on an exciting adventure, starting with exploring the surrounding area of the hotel. Participants will overcome small off-road sections to become familiar with driving techniques on various surfaces and experience the dynamics and maneuverability of the buggy. This will be the first step in their exciting journey to gain confidence in driving the vehicle and enjoy the first thrill of off-road driving.

Days 3 – 6: Journey through natural wonders: discoveries from buggies

From the third to sixth days of the journey, travelers will experience the splendor of nature, passing through landscapes that vary from majestic mountains and valleys to picturesque forests and crystal clear rivers. Every day presents unique adventures: from visiting picturesque lakes and waterfalls to overcoming mountain passes and rafting down mountain rivers. Participants will discover a variety of landscapes, immerse themselves in local culture and be inspired by the energy of the surrounding nature. These days are filled with unique experiences and surprises, creating unforgettable moments in their journey.

These days, Buggies program participants will go on an exciting journey through unique natural routes and attractions.

Day 11: Return to Churchill and Winnipeg

We get up very early in the morning and catch the train back to Churchill, with a scheduled arrival time of mid-morning. You will catch your home flights from here, via Winnipeg.

All photos captured by Thomas Kokta

Some of them you can buy in our shop.

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