unique trip to Svalbard

Embark on a unique journey to Spitsbergen, an island surrounded by the mysterious beauty of the Arctic landscape.


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Previous Tour Itinerary

Day 1: Arrival and adaptation

On the first day, participants arrive in Spitsbergen, where an important stage takes place - adaptation to Arctic conditions. The program provides detailed safety instructions, familiarization with the peculiarities of life in the Arctic zone and compliance with precautionary measures when interacting with the environment. Participants are told about the rules of behavior in extreme weather conditions, the use of specialized equipment and compliance with safety rules when interacting with the wildlife of the Arctic region.

Day 2: Getting to know Arctic cities

On the second day, participants go on a tour of Arctic cities, where they get acquainted with the unique culture and rich history of this region. The excursion provides an opportunity to immerse yourself in the atmosphere of urban life in Svalbard, where an amazing combination of modernity and traditional Arctic lifestyle mixes.

Days 3 – 6: Arctic adventures

In addition, participants experience the thrill of kayaking among glaciers and icebergs, allowing them to experience the Arctic world from a whole new perspective. At the same time, in the 24-hour midnight darkness, there is an opportunity to admire a unique and mysterious phenomenon - the aurora, which envelops the Arctic sky.

But the most exciting moment will be meeting polar bears - symbols of Arctic nature. Meeting these majestic animals will leave an unforgettable impression and will be a real gift for travelers.

Over the course of four days, participants are immersed in exciting Arctic adventures, experiencing amazing and unique moments. Participants have the opportunity to go on exciting expeditions on snowmobiles, conquering glaciers and ice fields to immerse themselves in the atmosphere of the harsh but amazing Arctic nature.

Day 7: End of the tour

At the end, the tour participants sum up the unforgettable days spent in the Arctic paradise of Spitsbergen. This is a time to sum up general impressions, share emotions and memories collected during the trip.

After debriefing and farewell, participants head to the departure point, holding in their hearts the unique moments experienced during the journey and leaving behind memories of the Arctic paradise that they had the pleasure of exploring.

All photos captured by Thomas Kokta

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